What colour are you? High Red?

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Great effective communication is the single most important attribute of leadership after caring for your people. To be an effective leader you must be able to communicate well with every person who has any influence on the performance of your business. That means everyone. Finding effective ways to do this are not easy. Using James Knight’s rapid colour coding system helps tremendously.

So let’s look at what the colours signify. Today we will look at High Reds. We use the term ’high’ to signify that red is their predominant colour because almost everyone will be a mix of colours. I’m a High Red with strong Yellow tendencies and a bit of Green. Well I would be wouldn’t I! J

Based on James’s work and the iMA questionnaire format, the following explanations are representations of the meaning of the colours. They are not to be taken as definitive personality characteristics as almost all of us are a mix of colours and therefore of differing characteristics. After all this is what makes each one of us unique.

High Reds are goal oriented go-getters who are most comfortable when they are in charge of people and situations. They focus on a no-nonsense approach to bottom-line results. They are fast-paced; task-oriented and work quickly and impressively by themselves

They display the following characteristics amongst others:

  • Strong-willed
  • Independent
  • High ego strength
  • Like maximum freedom to self manage
  • Look for immediate results
  • Decisive
  • Goal-oriented
  • Problem solvers
  • Likes control
  • Dislikes inaction
  • Cool
  • Competitive
  • Fast-paced

They will need control over any situation and themselves with tangible evidence of progress. Moving at a fast pace towards their goals they will remove any threat to their accomplishment. Under stress they will appear restless, critical, blunt, uncooperative, irritable, aggressive and pushy – nice!

High reds focus on results. They dislike wasting time and touchy-feely activities and they can improve their effectiveness through active listening, developing patience and creating a more effective communication style.

Who do you know in your team who could be a typical High Red?

What types of role suit a High Red? Project Manager? Managing Director? Finance Director? HR Director? Not the HR Director I would suggest. Military personnel, operations managers, factory supervisors, accountants and similar roles suit High Reds.

Think about what part of your business would benefit from a High Red. Then think about how you would go about communicating with them given their potential attributes and preferences. Once we have explained all colours we will look at communication preferences, levels of detail (chunks) and manner of information delivery, acceptance and retention.

Tomorrow we’ll look at High Yellows.


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