StevehomepageI hold serious, creative and deep conversations to help you discover your wisdom and the space you need to release your brilliance, provide the awareness to identify the actions to take and the people you need to connect with to reach your dreams.

These conversations are mindful, meaningful and memorable. They can, if you are prepared to go there, be transformational.

You will need to be committed fully to transforming the way you think and act, and you will have a dream worthy of us working together.

I have a dedicated website for my mindful coaching work at Growing Conversations. See you there.

To experience a conversation with me please contact me at the details below.

+44 (0) 7545 855324 –

It’s Always Later Than You Think!
...and remember to smell the flowers along the way. ...Walter Hagan
Be curious & be the best you can be…
The unexamined life is not worth living. ...Socrates
Simple messages told in stories…
If you can't explain it don't know it well enough. ...Albert Einstein